The NovIKroG Project

Good Practice

As part of the NovIKroG Project, we understand circular public procurement as one of the important mechanisms for the transition to a circular economy, whereby public organizations order and providers supply goods and services that contribute to closed energy and material loops in supply chains, while at the same time reducing as much as possible or preventing negative impacts on the environment and the generation of waste throughout the entire life cycle. But at the same time, there are still many unknown facts related to both the necessary competences and skills for implementing circular orders on the part of clients and providers, as well as how to optimize circular ordering processes.

What are our expectations?

We hope for a better insight into the mentioned topic, and on the basis of this, we want to create several tools that will facilitate the establishment of circular procurement procedures, or the optimization of the existing circular public procurement processes for all participants.

We will share good practices

We will share good practices that will prove useful during the research and we will help to establish them in the project via a digital platform, via circular innovation centre and through other channels.  


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