The NovIKroG Project

Current State of Circle Routes

Understanding circular economy

Circular economy is a way of organizing production and consumption based on sharing, reuse, repair, renovation and recycling of existing materials and products as long as possible.

This extends the life of the products and reduces the amount of waste. When a product reaches the end of its life, the material from which it is made is retained in the economy to the greatest extent possible. Thus, the material can be profitably reused over and over again, creating even more value.

The concept of circular economy in the local environment

The fundamental concept of the circular economy is to obtain new materials through the collection and recycling of end-of-life products. In this way, we effectively reduce the amount of waste, harmful effects on the environment, lower production costs, we extend the life of products, strengthen economic growth and, to some extent, reduce dependence on the global market.

An effective concept of a local circular economy starts in local organizations at the very beginning of the product life cycle with prudent planning and design of products, selection of appropriate production processes, and last, but not least, with appropriate awareness of all the involved stakeholders.

Content analysis of circular economy in the local environment

As part of the NovIKroG Project, we will analyse the state of the circular economy in the local environment. The goal is to obtain a clear picture of the situation in the field of circular material loops in the local environment of the Municipality of Novo mesto and to examine the possibilities of promoting local material loops through public procurement.

Various organizations will be involved in the analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to obtain data on the understanding of the basic terminology and the importance of the circular economy in the region, awareness of waste management, care for the environment, recycling, and knowledge of good practice of material loops in the local environment.


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